Use special category Savings

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It is advisable to capture all your expense or income transactions in FiQu. Either via importing files with information from your bank (either directly as .CSV or converted to FiQu .ODS format) or entering them via the Add a transaction screen. In this way, you obtain the best possible financial insights, helping you to boost your financial IQ.

However, some transactions are not really an expense and also not an income. You should give special attention to these, to avoid a distorted view of your financials. FiQu helps you with two special categories: Savings and Transfer.

fiqu budgeting app financial iq special category savings

If you transfer money from your salary account to a savings account, investment bank or bitcoin platform, you are not spending it. Because you still own this money, it is not an expense.

So what happens if you categorize moving money to your savings account as an expense:

fiqu budgeting app financial iq transactions list with saving wrongly categorized

The net result of this month January, deducting all expenses from the income transactions, is a saving of only $159 in this graph:

fiqu budgeting app financial iq expenses versus income overview graph including worngly categorized saving

Savings category: not counted in Graphs and Budgets

Transactions that move money out of your account which you did not spend, should not be counted in the above graph. That is exacly what the Savings category does.

You still own the below $400, either on a savings account, as bitcoin codes on your smartphone or stack of cash in your wardrobe. So the correct category for this transaction is: Savings.

fiqu budgeting app financial iq savings transaction with correct special category

Now this $400 is correctly included in the amount you saved in this month. You now have a correct graph and at the same time a complete set of transactions in FiQu, matching the bank statements of your salary account.

fiqu budgeting app expenses versus income overview excluding special category savings

Savings category: only counted when explicitly selected

If you do want to track your transfers to your savings account, you can create a budget for category Savings. Or generate graphs for category Savings instead of “All transactions”.

Transactions with category Savings will only be counted when this category is explicitly selected. Or when you include the category Savings in a filter.

The only exception is the Transactions list screen: All transactions are shown here, including the ones with category Savings.

Renaming special categories is possible

You can give the special category Savings a different name, if you like. And also a different emoji icon.