Transactions list screen

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This screen provides an overview of the transactions you entered or imported into the FiQu app.

The most recent transaction is shown on top of the list. If you want to view transaction of some time ago, you can also explore transactions spent in a budget period, as explained in this article on settng Budgets. That is more efficient than scrolling down this list.

Because you can have thousands of expense or income transactions, this screen offers three options to see only the relevant ones. You can use only one option or any combination.

fiqu budgeting app transactions list three selection and search options
Transaction list screen. Per transaction on the top row: date, category and amount. And on the bottom row: account (both type icon and first part of the name) plus the first two lines of the description. Any hashtags are put in front of the rest of description. This makes them easy to find.

1 Accounts used

By default, transactions from all account are shown. Tap on this field to select only one or a few accounts. Only transactions of the selected accounts will be shown. Your selection is remembered.

2 Selection option

If you first open this screen, all transactions are selected (A). But by tapping on this field you can select another option in the Selection options field, to reduce the number of transactions in the list:

  • B: Category. Only transactions of this category are shown.
  • C: Hashtag. Only transactions having this hashtag in their description are shown, regardless of category.
  • D: Filter. Only transactions that meet the filter criteria, either standard or advanced, appear in the list.
fiqu budgeting app transaction list selection options
Selection Options screen of the Transaction list. The current selection is highlighted.

3 Search

Using the search bar you can further reduce the list of transactions. The text you enter must appear in either the Description (excluding the hashtags) or the Contra account (optional and only filled by importing) of the transaction.

Transaction details screen

Tap on row of the Transaction list to view or edit the details of a transaction. Swipe to the left or right to move to the next or previous transaction in the list. Any updates you make are saved automatically when you swipe or leave this screen.

fiqu budgeting app android transaction details screen

The above fields are explained in the article on entering transactions in the FiQu app here.