Introducing FiQu budgeting app

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Track your expenses, monitor your transactions, create your weekly or monthly budget, save money and see all your personal finances in one place.
Easily learn where you spend your money and gain full control of your finances with insightful and colouful reports on your expenditures, income and account balances.
Improve your financial IQ for free with the FiQu app.

Key features of Fiqu expense tracker and analysis app

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Capture your expenses and income transactions

  • Easy to use screen entry or you import a .CSV file (from selected banks only) or use the FiQu spreadsheet template. No connection to your bank: keeps the FiQu app simple, keeps your data private and allows us to offer FiQu for free!
  • Create as many accounts or wallets as you need. Each can have a different currency, out of the 33 currencies supported.
  • Rename built-in categories or add your own. As many as you like.
  • Add as many tags to a transaction as you like, for use as sub-category or to track the costs of special events like a wedding, travel or home improvement. Rename a tag anytime you like. All expenses with this tag are automatically updated. Made a typo and created a second tag accidentally? Easily combine two tags and let FiQu fix all related transactions for you.
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Create budgets

  • For all expenses, one category or one (hash)tag.
  • You can have as many budgets as you like, even on a combination of categories and/of tags: a filter.
  • Add an amount per week, month or year.
  • Learn if your spending is within budget over a week, month, quarter, year or any time window. Your budget amount is automatically recalculated to match the period you are analyzing.
  • Easily see the largest payments within the amount spent on a budget
  • Payments in other currencies are automatically recalculated to the single currency of your choice.
FIQu budgeting app expenses income and savings report graph

Visual reports for deep financial insights

  • Ten graphs, to learn about your personal finances from every angle
  • You can select the time period and the accounts you want to view
  • See graphs of all your spending or zoom in on one category, hashtag or a specific filter you made.
  • If you have a budget set for your report selection, the Expenses per period diagram shows average spending against this budget over time.
  • Transactions and account balances in other currencies are automatically recalculated to the current totals in the single standard currency you select.

Export all data as backup or have another user synchronize with you

With the exported FiQu spreadsheet your partner can update his/her copy to stay in sync. No automatic cloud synchronization: keeps our app simple, protects your data and allows us to offer FiQu for free!

FiQu budgeting app filter combining categories and hashtag

Unique analysis possiblilities using filters

  • Create your own combinations of categories and/or hashtags. To create your own super-category or whichever cross-section of your payments and earnings you like to analyze. Either via a budget or reports.
  • In advanced filter mode, you can apply logic like: all expenses in category Household but not tagged with #vacation. No other app offers this level of granular scrutiny of your financial data.

Secure your data

  • Set a pincode or fingerprint access, to prevent that your personal financial data can be seen by someone holding your phone e.g. to see your pictures.
  • We totally respect your data privacy, so this functionality is also free.
FiQu budgeting app accounts overview with multiple currencies combined

Multi currency support

Euro, dollar, rupee and pound are just a few of the 33 world currencies that the FiQu app supports.

Every account can have a different currency. All recalculations are done automatically. The latest currency rates are retrieved from the European Central Bank every time you start the app.

Another FiQu feature helping you to keep all your finances in one place. And get smart with your money.

FiQu budgeting app expenses versus income overview graph

Start improving your financial iq today with the FiQu app

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