Enter expenses and income in FiQu

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Adding an expense (money you pay) or income (money you receive or earn) transaction to the FiQu budgeting app is easy. Just follow the seven steps.

You reach the ‘Add a transaction’ screen by tapping the round + button at the bottom right of the Transactions screen.

fiqu budgeting app add new transaction screen
An expense transaction: the amount has a minus sign and black digits

1. Select the account of the transaction

In FiQu every transaction belongs to an account. You can always change this later by editing the transaction.

2. Enter the transaction amount

The currency of the amount is determined by the account. A zero amount is not allowed.

Expenses must have a negative amount in FiQu. Please make sure that you add the minus sign and check that the figures are black, for things you have paid or are deducted from your account.

fiqu budgeting app add income transaction with green digits
The amount of income transactions has green figures

3. Select a category

Every transaction in FiQu must have a category. Via the Selection Options button in the Settings screen, you can rename categories and/or change the emoji (icon) in front of the category name. You can also add as many extra categories as you need.

4. Check the transaction date

By default the transaction date is set to today. Tap on this date to pick another date in the past (not before 2011) or in the future.

5. Enter a description

Every transaction in FiQu must have description. That can be as short as a single word.

Transactions in FiQu must have a unique combination of account, amount, date and description. So if you have purchased the same thing twice on the same day and paid from the same amount, you get a ‘duplicate transaction’ error. Then just add something to the description of the second transaction to make it unique.

6. Optional – add hashtags to the description

You can add new tags directly to the description of a transaction. Just type a # (hashtag) followed by one or more letters with no spaces in between. You can add one or more hashtags anywhere in your description, provided they all start with their own # and are separated by a space.

fiqu budgeting app hashtag selection for transaction
Select existing hashtags. Including the ones you just newly entered.

If you create the transaction, new hashtags are immediately added to the list. You can then re-use them in other transactions, by tapping the Select # button.

You can select multiple hashtags at the same time.

Pre-populate this list of hashtags or rename them afterwards, via the Selection Options button in the Settings screen.

After tapping Select, the hashtags are automatically added in front of the description you already entered:

fiqu budgeting app hashtags added to transaction description
Transaction description with hashtags added via the Select # button.

7. Tap the Create button

After you have entered a negative (expense) or positive (income) amount and a some text as description. you are allowed to add the transaction. The background of the ‘Create this transaction’ button changes from grey to blue to indicate this. Tap this button to create your new transaction.

Congratulations with your first transaction in FiQu. Maybe you also want to import many transactions in one go, to save time.